About Us

Who we are:


To be Australia’s leading provider of Psychosocial support


We will provide a space which gives voice to people experiencing mental health disabilities by building a path of inclusion, respect and awareness. We will do this by supporting, educating and encouraging people through sparking greater ‘CHOICE'


Champions of Hope, Humans First, Oneness, Interdependence, Connection & Empowerment

Meet The Team


Corey Fernandez


Corey is the Director of Enableability. He is a dynamic and person-focused, forward thinking leader. With over 10 years of working with disability, Corey comes with a real passion to see change and growth in the NDIS community. He loves working collectively with participants and staff, within the community to empower our participants to lead their life to their fullest potential.

Padmaja Priyadarshini

Workforce Administrator

Padmaja is our Workforce Administrator who is responsible for timely creation and updates to employee and participant records and data.

Caron Rooks

Executive General Manager

Provides strategic and organisational development leadership, driving positive change for service excellence. Collaboratively developing, directing and harnessing capabilities to enable clients, staff and the organisation to thrive. Nurturing a culture of learning, continuous improvement, inclusion and empowerment. Caron’s motivation is her commitment to enabling ‘voice, choice and control’ for the clients.

Rose Karaduman

Services Manager

Coordinates day to day activities focused on a seamless and purposeful ‘Client Experience’ where their human rights are recognised and respected. Plays an integral part in embedding service quality and safeguarding practices for clients and staff, ensuring the voice and choices of the clients are reflected in service support.

Our Support Staff

Our support staff are here to help you! They are well trained and highly skilled, and can support you in Mental Health, Enriched Community Participation, Life Skills Building, Person Centered CALD Supports and Enhansed Daily Activity Support. They also have skills in Virtual Social Participation, and Cultural and Social Inclusion. They speak multiple languages and are incredibly friendly.

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